East Coast Workshops at Balance Yoga

I’m so happy to be returning to the East Coast for a weekend of workshops with my Northeast Pennsylvania yoga family next month. Please join me May 18-19th for three sweet asana workshops at Balance Yoga in Forty Fort, PA.

Friday evening, May 18th: 6-8:30pm

Open Your Heart with Rachel

Crack your heart open with Rachel in this evening workshop wrapped in love, laughter and devotion. Whether your heart feels rich with love or raw with regret, bring yourself — your whole self, your broken-hearted self, your questioning self, your most-hopeful self — to the mat for an evening of sweet heart openers, rich bhakti philosophy, heart-swelling melodies, and a whole lotta love. Rachel will guide you through a strong flow designed to breathe space and light into all the parts of your heart that might have shut down, tightened up, or closed off a bit over the years. Come for the sweat and the song; find the hidden heart-openers in everything from Warrior 1 to Ustrasana; and then stay for the softness to follow. Because it’s never too late to fall in love: with yourself, with one another, and with the world. All levels welcome!

Saturday afternoon, May 19th: 12:30-3pm

Bhakti in Bloom: Detox Flow

Spring is the perfect time to let go of the old and make room for the new. And if you, like many of us, have resolved to live lighter and more healthfully this year, then this workshop’s for you. Join Rachel for an invigorating, spring-inspired detox flow. We’ll build heat with a strong Ashtanga-inspired vinyasa and then move through a series of detoxifying, digestion- and elimination-stimulating twists to help your body better process and remove the sludge of day-to-day living. Learn to let go of both the physical and the psychological junk that’s weighing you down, and bloom into a new, lighter, more energized you. We’ll finish the practice with a few relaxing forward folds to give your mind a chance to empty out, too. Blossom into your summertime! All levels welcome.

Saturday evening, May 19th: 5:30-8pm

Soften Your Shoulders, Sweet One

Do you carry the weight of the world in your shoulders? You’re not alone. Join Rachel Saturday evening for a deep practice focused on shoulder softening and strengthening. We’ll build heat with a dynamic rock and roll vinyasa and then ease into some nice long holds, moving through a few arm balances along the way. With the help of some great tunes, we’ll cultivate a balance of strength and softness, connecting the sorrows and joys we often find stored in the shoulders with the “undoing” processes inherent in the emotional, physical, and spiritual heart of a yoga practice. Bring your soul, soften your expectations, and ease right into a deep release. All levels welcome.

Watch this space for full registration details: http://www.balanceyogastudio.net/workshops/

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