How To Survive Snow Days As An Introvert Parent

(HuffPost, January 2017)

We moved to the Pacific Northwest last year, and for the first time in my adult (read: parenting) life, I’m dealing with snow days.

Snow days were so fun as a kid, right? Growing up on the Great Plains, they were such a rare treat. We were hardcore, man. Fierce pioneers braving the prairie blizzards. I remember going out to recess in South Dakota even when the wind chill was below zero: you just wore your snow pants and hung on for dear life.

But this, friends: this is a different beast. Folks around here aren’t used to snow and ice. Cities don’t have the same kind of infrastructure for dealing. So this winter, when we’ve had an unusual amount of ice and snow (climate change, whaaa?), the school systems are buckling. Buses are stuck and delayed; roads are too icy to get kids home from school. Days off right and left. Which are rad when you’re a kid who can hang out and play all day, or a solo adult who can chill on the sofa in front of the TV. Not so cool when you’re an introverted work-from-home mama trying to figure out what the heck to do with tiny energetic humans all day long.

A few reasons snow days are introvert-parent hell:

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