Rachel’s vinyasa classes are rich in yoga philosophy, sweaty with hard work, and down-to-earth in tone. You can expect an Ashtanga-inspired pace, creative sequencing, a musical sensibility, and a vertical split or two along the way.

Practice together in-person at the Braswell Arts Center every Wednesday at 12pm or on-demand via YouTube. Rachel will soon be returning to live classes at B.Yoga Basel, as well.

Let your breath drive your practice, feel free to modify anything that doesn’t feel safe or reasonable (especially if you’re pregnant, recovering from an injury, or new to yoga), skip vinyasas for a more mellow practice, and crank up some of your favorite background tunes.

You can find Rachel’s playlist archive on Spotify at @rachelmeyeryoga.

Most importantly, remember to be gentle with yourself — and don’t take yourself (or your yoga practice) too seriously.

Rachel hopes you’ll laugh as much as you sweat, and walk out feeling a little stronger, a little softer, and a lot more you.