Kind Words

“One of the practices that has sustained me and taught me to walk gently, and to celebrate just making it to the mat is the yoga practice taught by the talented Rachel Meyer. What a gift to have a yoga teacher who never once made me feel bad for my less-than-coordinated self and the awkward poses I attempted. I am more graceful because of it. What a gift to have a teacher steeped in theology across traditions, with a healthy dose of Midwestern common sense to boot.” — A.

“Rachel has changed my life. There’s really no other way of saying it. Her teaching nourishes all of me—my body, my brain, and my soul—and her words stay with me long after class is over. She humbly calls herself a yoga teacher, but she’s so much more. She’s that “good angel” on my shoulder who helps me breathe through life’s challenging moments and appreciate its beautiful ones, and who consistently reminds me that I’m perfectly imperfect, like life.” — S.

“If I had to describe Rachel Meyer’s teaching style in one word, I would say REAL. That realness reflects in her presence both in the studio, and in the community. Rachel has a very genuine way she connects with her students. Her experiences in life have given her much perspective and she has a talent for connecting people not just in breath and movement, but to the present moment and to their fellow students. You can tell that Rachel loves what she does and she has stayed true to herself and her own practice. This is present in her signature sequencing style which is grounded in Ashtanga Vinyasa, with fast paced, powerful asana, chanting and plenty of heart opening devotion. She is flexible, not just in the physical sense, but in her teaching style and will change the pace of the class in response to the students needs and abilities. I have personally seen my practice evolve from yoga for exercise to yoga being essential to my well-being during the years I have practiced with Rachel. Rachel teaches real yoga for real people.” — C.