Beyond Hunger

I’m so excited to be partnering with San Rafael-based non-profit Beyond Hunger for an evening of sweet vinyasa, cameraderie and conversation.

Please join us for:

Beyond Hunger: a special donation-based benefit class

March 31st, 2012
Flying Yoga Shala
4308 Telegraph Avenue.
Temescal Area, Oakland, CA
— open to all, no matter how much or you little you can give!

The evening will begin with a brief informal introduction to the mission and the heart of Beyond Hunger, a non-profit whose work in eating disorder recovery encourages intuitive eating, mindfulness, and listening to the body. Rachel will then guide us through a lyrical all-levels vinyasa class from 7:30-8:30, and we’ll finish the evening with easy fellowship and light snacks.

Yoga teaches us beautifully powerful ways to better inhabit our bodies for the brief flash of time that we’re blessed to call them ours. So come breathe space and light into every corner of your life, on and off the mat. Join in community with other folks who are interested in what it looks like to live well in a body. All studio proceeds benefit Beyond Hunger.

Beyond Hunger is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals overcome the obsession with food and weight and find a natural, loving and peaceful relationship with their food, weight, and selves. We provide support groups, workshops and education for adults and adolescents with eating disorders. Beyond Hunger uses a non-diet approach to explore body hatred and the psychological, cultural and spiritual issues underlying disorder eating.

Here’s a sweet blurb on Beyond Hunger’s philosophy. They do such important work. I am so excited to send a little collective support their way.

Bring a friend or six! See you on the 31st.

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Holiday Afterglow

Lhasa de Sela
  1. Aureole, Jens Gad Presents
  2. The Blissed Place, Hideo Kobayashi
  3. Amber Sky, Samantha James
  4. Pling!, Shuggie Otis
  5. Really?, Bluemind
  6. Realistic, Soulstice
  7. Silver Sans, Jens Gad Presents
  8. Fools Work, Inara George
  9. Les Eaux Verts, Jens Gad Presents
  10. Guaranteed, Eddie Vedder
  11. Staraja Ladoga, Achillea
  12. What Kind of Heart, Lhasa de Sela
  13. Chanson Pour Une Femme, Althea W
  14. Farewell, Dario Marianelli
  15. Fool’s Gold, Lhasa de Sela
  16. Over the Rhine, Over the Rhine
  17. Morning, Stolen Identity
  18. Since I Fell For You, Gladys Knight
  19. Love Letters, Dario Marianelli

Le Booty Cinematique

Caravan Palace
  1. Live High, Jason Mraz
  2. Over Time, Lucinda Williams
  3. Hari Krishna, Masood Ali Khan
  4. In For the Night (Buddha Edit), The Moontrane Conductors
  5. Rosada Flor, J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science
  6. Cape Porcupine, Achillea
  7. Le Booty Cinematique, J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science
  8. Evaporate feat. Nica Brooke, Rocket Empire
  9. I Wanna Be Like You, The Correspondents
  10. Krishna Love (Rasa Lila Remix), MC Yogi
  11. Om Triambakam (Sean Dinsmore), Deva Premal
  12. Straight Blue, Rocket Empire feat. Marian Music
  13. You Already Know (Featuring Kathryn Williams), Bombay Bicycle Club
  14. (The Only) Dark in the Light, Rithma
  15. The Lonely Spider, Lhasa De Sela
  16. Blue Mind, Alexi Murdoch
  17. If You Want Me, Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
  18. Remind Us, Over The Rhine
  19. Broken Ambers, Gil Tamazyan
  20. Map Point Baby (The Hue Remix), Rithma
  21. Simmer Down Jammie, Rocket Empire
  22. Golden Nectar, J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science
  23. Soul On Fire, Soulstice

Samba Pa Ti

  1. Samba Pa Ti Feat. Roy Hargrove, Angelique Kidjo
  2. Society, Eddie Vedder
  3. Love Came Here, Lhasa De Sela
  4. Om (Invocation), MC Yogi
  5. Spiderbite, Beats Antique
  6. Quelqu’un M’a Dit, Carla Bruni
  7. Om Namah Shivaya, Masood Ali Khan
  8. Fools Work, Inara George
  9. Beauty Beats, Beats Antique
  10. Like I Love You, Justin Timberlake
  11. Shrine, Beats Antique
  12. Om Sri Matre, Wah!
  13. Sharpest Blade, Over The Rhine
  14. Dead Things, Phillip Glass
  15. The Hill, Marketa Irglova
  16. Love Letters, Dario Marianelli
  17. Magpie To The Morning, Neko Case
  18. In A Sentimental Mood, Sarah Vaughan
  19. The Killing Moon, Nouvelle Vague
  20. Ganesh is Fresh (feat. Jai Uttal), MC Yogi
  21. Shanti (Radio mix), Wah!
  22. Cold Sweat, Angelique Kidjo
  23. Let It Be Me, Ray LaMontagne
  24. Breathe, Alexi Murdoch
  25. Sweet Demure, Beats Antique
  26. Ganesha, Wah!
  27. Derivation, Beats Antique
  28. Chakra Beatbox, MC Yogi
  29. Fever, A Fine Frenzy
  30. Waisted, Beats Antique
  31. Leave It All Behind feat. The Rebirth & Aima the Dreamer, J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science
  32. Star Scat, Caravan Palace
  33. Dancing Buddha, DJ Free & Brent Lewis
  34. Krishna Love (feat. Jai Uttal), MC Yogi
  35. Hanuman, Wah!
  36. Cry Me A River (Album Version), Justin Timberlake
  37. Mission, Beats Antique
  38. Ma Chant (Kali), Wah!
  39. Aganju (The Latin Project Remix), Bebel Gilberto
  40. Om Namah Shivaya (feat. Bhagavan Das), MC Yogi
  41. Tabla Toy, Beats Antique
  42. All My Days, Alexi Murdoch
  43. Wise Up, Aimee Mann
  44. Fare Thee Well, Indigo Girls
  45. Ungodly Hour, The Fray
  46. Elephant Power, MC Yogi
  47. Dance With Me, Nouvelle Vague
  48. For the Summer, Ray LaMontagne
  49. Where Do You Go, Lhasa De Sela
  50. Bells, Lhasa De Sela
  51. Hallelujah (Album Version), k.d. lang
  52. Moon River, Jane Monheit
  53. Grace, Jeff Buckley
  54. Dope Crunk, Beats Antique
  55. You Do, Aimee Mann
  56. Mushaboom, Feist
  57. Fruit Tree, Nick Drake
  58. Towards The Sun, Alexi Murdoch
  59. Bhakti Gita, Masood Ali Khan
  60. Loveland, Jai Uttal/Ben Leinbach
  61. Harvest Moon, Neil Young
  62. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most, Ella Fitzgerald
  63. But Not For Me, Chet Baker